Thursday, March 10, 2011

I have no life

If you're reading this, you either are my friend or family, or somehow got lost in teh internets. Either way, welcome!

I'm starting this blog basically as a chronicle of my day-to-day boring stuff. Hopefully, people will enjoy it. If not, then at least I have my blog to talk to.

I was cleaning my house the other day while my son was at his grandma's house. After I finished cleaning, I was just kind of walking around the house with nothing to do. It was then that it dawned on me: I have no life outside of my baby. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing; I love my son and am happy to spend the majority of my time with him. I am grateful that I don't HAVE to have a job and can stay home. I just never really realized before that moment that he is literally my whole world.

So, with the house clean and a few hours of free time left, what did I do? Well, my mini van was experiencing a gas leak, so I couldn't go anywhere. I considered the long-untouched bottles of liquor from my pre-pregnancy days, but decided that I did not want a drink. Instead, I fired up the tv and watched an episode or two of Degrassi and called my mom.


  1. Your little guy is what, like 5 months? You have all the time in the world to have a life! ;) Enjoy your baby time, he's the cutest little thing!

    As an aside, we should be blogging buddies.

  2. Yeah, 7 months. I wasn't lamenting or anything, just observing. And yes, we should me blogging buddies!